Saturday, April 3, 2010

Shabby & french it up......

So when I get ahold of something unfinished....I think, I create & ta-da :)
My fabulous friend Annette over at Paper Bistro inspired me with her cute little birdhouses she created & I just had to throw in my own twist (OMG ANNETTE, I LOVE YOU :). I started out by purchasing these unfinished "naked" beauties to make easter gifts and I couldn't stop.

Meet Mrs. Shabby Momma Birdhouse & her Baby....whom my other half has titled "Where Strawberry Shortcake Lives"....I cracked up sooo hard when he said that...because I didn't even know the male species knew of Strawberry Shortcake...but I soon realized, yes he's so does look like a Strawberry Shortcake house which in fact wasn't even my intentions ;)
BTW these pics are taken on my iphone so the quality isn't spectacular but you get the general idea :)

Up next was my next love.....FRENCH! I used bird damask & a true white & black theme & OMG I was in awe. The initial idea came from my step-mom whom loves black & white so I was trying to come up with a birdhouse for her as an Easter Gift and i'm so in love with it, i'm going to have to create another just for me :)
I can only make a few more of these beauties which will be for sale in my ETSY Store Soon :) YAY!!
Isn't she marvelous??? Her baby is just as stinking cute!


Jess said...

Oh these are Beautiful! Ok...I gotta make one now...I bought a "naked" bird house a few days ago and I have been wanting to get it all painted up...but I bet I could paper it and seal it with resin...hmmmm...yeah - that's the plan? Haha...can you tell I don't know what I am doing?


Annette said...

Oh my gosh Renee, these are AWESOME!!! I love them!!!!! The black and white is my favorite, it is so gorgeous, thanks for making me smile!! Wishing you a very Happy Easter!!

Royal Bebe Shoppe said...

Jess, hahahah!!! You're too cute. Get some tacky glue by Aleenes & you're all set. I have to warn you's quite addicting lol.
Annette...omg, thank you. I love being inspired by others so thank you. I loved the idea of sugar glitter coating the made it pop so much...then I thought OMG my bird damask I use on my plaques & ta-da!! YAY!! I cannot wait to give this beauty to my step-mom tomorrow for Easter. Hope you both have a super fan-tab-ulous Holiday xoxo

Everything Shea ... Creates said...

How innovative! Both designs are wonderful. You're very creative! :)