Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Time in Philly

So, my cousin lives in Philly and doesn't have a car (she uses public transportation) so we all hopped in the car for a road trip to have Easter Brunch in the Park. It was absolutely gorgeous out. Almost 75 YAY!!! I am so happy the warm weather is finally approaching....however my allergies are super bad today. That I hate :(

I brought my little love bug Paris (my 4 1/2 yr old chihuahua) with me & she of course was wearing her cute lavender dress I made for her 2 easters ago...she's so stinking cute....I love my iphone hehe

Here is Paris & I hanging in the, I can clearly see right now how BAD I need my roots done, lol...can you say i've been a busy crafter or what, lol. And, yes I look young (so i've heard on numerous occassions...but i'm in my 30's...but wait...that is young right? Aren't 30's the new 20's? ;)

Here is a gorgeous close up of that building behind us in photo above. I love the old architecture of Philly. So beautiful and filled with horse drawn buggies all day. Will you just look at those gorgeous columns...ahhhh, reminds me of the many homes near where I live.

And last but not least is my handsome younger brother Nathan....he was such a good sport wearing purple for Easter to compliment Paris' dress.... Ok, I lied, we didn't plan it. He said purple is the new pink for men lol

XOXO, Renee'

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Annette said...

Oh my gosh, I'm in love with your dogs, they are so cute! And I love the little purple outfit you made Paris, she is just the cutest ever in it!! Glad to hear you had a wonderful Easter with your family!! It's going to be 92 here tomorrow, yay, no humidity yet, just hot weather!