Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Collection! Paris French Market Postage and Crowns Muslin & Burlap

How stinking cute is my newest collection!

I have hand stained, dyed & wrinkled to perfection muslin and hand painted my design in a way to look old and vintage in chocolate brown with a dark potato sack burlap backing filled delicately with polyfil and sewn shut finishing off the seams to make the pillows pop!

I have 3 designs in this collection so far !
Two square & 1 oblong.

Meet the collection!

Paris Postage French Address Oblong Pillow

Paris La Poste Royal Crown Postate Stamp Square pillow

Paris Postage Stamps Galore La Poste Square Pillow

And then here is the entire collection together!

Aren't they just so divine!
My poor cuticles are now dyed from creating these...but soooo worth it! I am in love!!

Lot's more still to come. Keep checking my etsy shop as I always post my newest stuff there first.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Very Shabby Parisian Makeover

Of course it is still winter here in NJ & cold indeed but I continue to have spring on my mind so have opted to take down my "cold winter decor" and give my room a fresh spring look.
It seems that every store I wander into nowadays is filled with Shabby Parisian French Decor!
So ironic that when I started Royal Bebe Shoppe it was almost non-existent!

I love mixing different items from my own collection, friends collections & even the local craft stores.

Here is my tv armoire in my living room. Adorning french, shabby parisian flair!

How stinking cute is the wire birdcage!! I filled her with some shabby pink flowers & she came to life!

My adorable flitter paris wand from my sweet friend Jamie at now has a new home!! She's adorning a glass milk bottle!

Now onto the fireplace about some chic apothecary jars, seashells, pearls, decorative boxes, tins, moss, chic little birdie & My absolute favorite dress form ever!!! She is covered in french script linen fabric!! She is going to be a new prop in the shop...and perhaps be an item for sale too ;)

So my question to all my fabulous followers is "How are you beating the winter blues?"
Get inspired, be inspired by every little thing you see, touch & hear!!

Happy decorating,