Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Before Meets After - A Very French Black and White Bathroom Makeover

So I have to share my bathroom makeover with you.
When I first moved into my home I loved the old character charm and the shabby chic touches throughout with modern flair. I immediately had a vision & knew I wanted to turn the plain black & white checkboard ceramic title floor & claw tub into a masterpiece.
To really appreciate my vision I will have to take you way back to the day when I first viewed my home. Ironically I took pictures of what it looked like on my showing.

Here she is. The wrong color shower curtain...but OMG the possibilities!!

Of course when I first moved in I just rushed to make the home "liveable" before diving full force into decorating.....and it stayed this way for quite a bit because I was overwhelmed with orders I didn't have enough time to finish my vision. I changed the shower curtain, hug up a few "chic" hat boxes on the wall & threw down a rug. Plain & simple I know...but my vision was yet to come.

So there she stayed for almost a year sadly...I even created a lot of my designs you see in my shoppe specifically for my bathroom (crown candle holders, my french romance damask wall plaque collection, embroidered towels, etc...) but had yet to finish up the bathroom. I typically take off 1 day a month for myself. I know that sounds crazy lol, but most days I am so swamped with creating orders I barely have time to do anything else.
I started with a flocked damask shower curtain. I scooped her up from Homegoods. Oh, how I love finding treasures in there. The velvet flocking of the damask just makes the floor pop! And really emphasizes the checkboard subway tile floor. I also added some gorgeous damask towels & my own created french royal crown embroidered towel.

But of course I didn't stop there. I needed to get rid of that old pull down shade, add a black cute valance, faux white wood blinds, black drapery rod & of course my french romance damask collection wall plaques. She was finally starting to take shape.

I had painted wooden mirrors in a gorgeous metallic silver paint months ago for the bathroom, so I finally hung them above the toilet area. Adding mirrors to small rooms creates the vision of a larger room. I've always loved that. But it still was missing something, so I re-used a wrought iron fleur de lis grill & placed it above the 4 mirrors & ta-da!

I know some of the pictures aren't that bright....I forgot to use my flash & took them with my camera phone. But you get the general idea. Just a lesson to show you that you can take the boring & turn it into something wonderful, chic & modern with a few simple DIY touches.

I hope I have inspired you :)