Tuesday, April 20, 2010

OMG It's the Big Birthday Girl!!!!

OMG, I cannot believe I almost forgot until only 1/2 hour ago that it is my little girls birthday today. She's 5!!! OH NO, that is old in dog years....breathe....whhhooooo hooo....
No wonder this smart little cookie has been extra clingy & lovey dovey today....she was trying to remind me....stinking little cutie. Well...of course we had to whip out her bday outfit, but she prefers treats which she got....
But...this weekend it's back to getting her in shape. She's been a lazy little sleeper lately & has lost her 6-pack & that cute little figure she used to have. Vet say's she need to lose at least 1lb.... Thats like me needing to lose 20+ so this is going to be hard work, but i'm determined.
Happy Birthday my little Princess Paris!!

Now I have to bring out some of her earlier years pictures.....pre-surgery & after-surgery. My Little pumpkin became paralized at only 6 months old. Her main vertebre in her spine didn't grow enough & was pushing up against her spine & she became paralized. Surgery was super duper expensive ($6K...ick) but she was my love & with a lot of help, donations, etc. and a potential 80% full recovery rate I said YES & she made it through with flying colors. She was recovering for 8 weeks but she is totally perfect now & if I had to do it over again, I WOULD. This little peanut is the love of my life. She inspires me so much even though she's a dog, I consider her my child. xoxo
This is her 1st toy ever. It was an action figure from McDonald's her daddy got her the 1st night we had her as we were stuck & isolated in an amish country & that was all we could find. She loved using it as a teether.

This was the 1st day she went swimming. July 11th 2005 to be exact...my birthday ;)

This was taken after surgery. Poor little thing had to wear that cone & cast for 10 weeks....she eventually got a purple cast...cause she's a little diva ;)

Her after surgery scar on her neck...poor baby. She had lost so much weight from not being allowed to be active for 10 weeks. It was so sad & pitiful to see her not being able to play.

Surgery didn't stop her though....she started modeling for pet clothing companies when I used to own a pet boutique. She is still on puppypurse.com website modeling this

HAHAH! She was pocohontas 1 halloween.... She's such a good sport ;)

Another year she was an Alligator.......

And she loved sporting knock-off burberry lol.

Bath time....in the sink of course...she was too tiny for a tub. Only 2lbs. awwww

I made her this little cherry blast dress...it was a clothing line I started making & carrying in my pet boutique (when I had it....darn bad economy :(

Just to give you an idea of how tiny she was aweeee.

More dress up..

AWWWW my little baby is 5 today!!!

xoxxo, Renee'

Sunday, April 11, 2010

An ode to Marie Antoinette - "Let them Eat Cake" - Organic Vegan Lip Balm and Soy Candle - Chocolate

I have been spending months perfecting this recipe...and omg yumm yumm. An ode to Marie Antoinette's "Let them eat Cake" .....in this case - "Chocolate"
For those days when you're craving chocolate either on your lips or perhaps you perfer to light a candle....regardless you'll fall in love. The lip balm is SPF 15 & completely 100% organic. The candle is also organic & made from soy... Yummy...
My studio still smells of chocolate from these two. Just absolutely a divine chocolately treat!
See them Here
xoxoxo, Renee'

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Falling in love with Paris French Decor - Meet My Newest Item in My Shoppe - Shabby French Chippy Eiffel Tower Paris Apt Picture Frame

Oooh laaa laaaa!
I love french decor....I love paris & I love shabby so much that I often combine the 3 into each of my designs. This newest addition to my shoppe is unlike any other item i've created. The combination of natures elements and a modern twist with vintage details just make this paris apt frame pop. Yet again I want to keep it for myself hehe. But, I know it will go to a great home & the new owner will enjoy it years to come.
You can see it in my shoppe here

xoxoxo, Renee'

Friday, April 9, 2010

Let's Crackle & Shabby it up!

OMG, After much trial & error in a crackle finish I am very pleased with my newest item for sale in my shoppe.
I took a wooden frame & shabby it up with pink & white crackle finish, my own artwork, some buttons, milinary flower & vintage seam binding.
I almost don't want to let it go lol.

The past few days in NJ have been crazy weather wise. It was 95 Wednesday, 80 Yesterday & 60 today. No wonder everyone is sick & having bad allergies (me included). Wednesday was by far the best day. I left the windows open & smelled the fresh breeze & sea salt pouring off the ocean a few blocks from me. Spring is my absolute favorite time of the year.
Hope everyone is having a fan-tab-ul-ous friday.

OHHH, before I forget, I finally listed my shabby & french birdhouses in the shoppe too, go check them out HERE.

xoxoxo, Renee'

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Time in Philly

So, my cousin lives in Philly and doesn't have a car (she uses public transportation) so we all hopped in the car for a road trip to have Easter Brunch in the Park. It was absolutely gorgeous out. Almost 75 YAY!!! I am so happy the warm weather is finally approaching....however my allergies are super bad today. That I hate :(

I brought my little love bug Paris (my 4 1/2 yr old chihuahua) with me & she of course was wearing her cute lavender dress I made for her 2 easters ago...she's so stinking cute....I love my iphone hehe

Here is Paris & I hanging in the park....wow, I can clearly see right now how BAD I need my roots done, lol...can you say i've been a busy crafter or what, lol. And, yes I look young (so i've heard on numerous occassions...but i'm in my 30's...but wait...that is young right? Aren't 30's the new 20's? ;)

Here is a gorgeous close up of that building behind us in photo above. I love the old architecture of Philly. So beautiful and filled with horse drawn buggies all day. Will you just look at those gorgeous columns...ahhhh, reminds me of the many homes near where I live.

And last but not least is my handsome younger brother Nathan....he was such a good sport wearing purple for Easter to compliment Paris' dress.... Ok, I lied, we didn't plan it. He said purple is the new pink for men lol

XOXO, Renee'

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Shabby & french it up......

So when I get ahold of something unfinished....I think, I create & ta-da :)
My fabulous friend Annette over at Paper Bistro inspired me with her cute little birdhouses she created & I just had to throw in my own twist (OMG ANNETTE, I LOVE YOU :). I started out by purchasing these unfinished "naked" beauties to make easter gifts and I couldn't stop.

Meet Mrs. Shabby Momma Birdhouse & her Baby....whom my other half has titled "Where Strawberry Shortcake Lives"....I cracked up sooo hard when he said that...because I didn't even know the male species knew of Strawberry Shortcake...but I soon realized, yes he's so right...it does look like a Strawberry Shortcake house which in fact wasn't even my intentions ;)
BTW these pics are taken on my iphone so the quality isn't spectacular but you get the general idea :)

Up next was my next love.....FRENCH! I used bird damask & a true white & black theme & OMG I was in awe. The initial idea came from my step-mom whom loves black & white so I was trying to come up with a birdhouse for her as an Easter Gift and ta-da.....now i'm so in love with it, i'm going to have to create another just for me :)
I can only make a few more of these beauties which will be for sale in my ETSY Store Soon :) YAY!!
Isn't she marvelous??? Her baby is just as stinking cute!