Sunday, October 3, 2010

DIY French Tufted Headboard without Wood Tutorial under $100

So...I am always trying to find the most unconventional way to use items that one would typically throw in the trash. I needed to make a french tufted headboard for my paris french market themed bedroom, so I thought instead of using about using those huge double wall cardboard boxes I have saved from when I last moved.

Here she is! .....and here is the tutorial to make your own. This project will cost under $100 (and may be a lot less depending on the fabric you're able to get a great price on) and took be about 6 hours from start to finish

Supplies Needed:
    1 Large Double Wall Cardboard Box (*you may use plywood instead)
    Masking Tape
    Needle Nose Plyers
    Yarn Needle
    Embroidery Thread
    2" Thick batting by the yard (*you may use foam which is more money)
    Staple Gun w/ staples
    Elmers Craft Bond Adhesive Spray
    Command Heavy Duty Hanging Strips
    Button making kit (*Use the plastic kit if you're using upholstery/thick fabric)
    Tape Measurer
    Black Sharpie Marker
    Fabric (*for queen bed, I used 2 yards of fabric 58" wide)

Let's get started!

First prepare your cardboard. Measure the size of headboard you want. For a queen size bed I made mine about 54" wide & approx 48" high.

Step 1: Lay out your cardboard. If you have multiple pieces or openings of box flaps, use the masking tape & wrap around several times to get a strong hold.

Step 2: Create your top design. For my design, I wanted a simple french design. I used a sharpie to draw the design, cut it out with scissors & used that cut out piece as a template to mark the opposite top side & cut it out.

Step 3: Using your black sharpie & a tape measurer, mark the cardboard where you want to have the buttons placed which will be the tufted part of the headboard. I measured mine 3" down from the top and all the remaining were 10" apart.

Step 4: Using your needle nose plyers poke holes through the cardboard in each spot that you marked for the buttons ensuring they go through to the other side.

Step 5: Now start laying out your 2" think batting or foam onto the board. Spray the craft bond adhesive to the batting & place it onto the board. To get a secure hold walk barefoot across all of the batting to add weight.

Step 6: Lay out your fabric over the batting allowing enough to hang over the edges so when it is flipped it can be stapled to the backside. (*I used a gorgeous upholstery grade soft chenille type camel linen fabric, purchased from Joann Fabrics)


Step 7: Pin around the perimeter to secure your fabric to the foam once you've smoothed out all wrinkles so when you flip over you can staple without the fabric moving out of place.

Step 8: Flip over the board & start pulling & stapling the fabric securely to the backside. Because you're using cardboard you will need to over staple. I stapled 3 staples high & stapled about 2" apart.

Step 9: Using the excess fabric use your purchased fabric button kit to make the buttons. The metal ones are more difficult than the plastic ones if you're using thicker fabric. I used a hammer with the kit to properly snap the button into place.

Step 10: Using your embroidery yarn & yarn needle pull the thread through the back side of the headboard where you made your holes. Pull through the button & thread through one more time. Holding the thread tightly from the backside triple knot tightly. I had some challenges making the tufts with cardboard as I didn't have the luxury of a nail head to securely wrap around, so I pulled the thread & stapled as I pulled tightly to the backside of the cardboard in a zig zag pattern.

Step 11: Using your needle nose head plyers make 3 holes into the backside of the cardboard about 8" down from the top. Place your command hook into the hole making sure the hook grabs inside the cardboard.

Step 12: Remove the adhesive backing on the command strips & secure the headboard to the wall using a level if you wish. I placed the bottom of my headboard at around the same spot where my box spring is so it is not flush on the ground so that I could make my headboard look higher.

And that is all! Here are some more pictures for inspiration of the finished piece. The french burlap, decorative pillows, crown pillowcases and paris french market duvet cover used in the photos are available for sale in my store
I would love to see your pictures if you decide to use my tutorial to make your own french style headboard.
xoxo, Renee'


On A Lark said...

So clever! This whole ensemble is gorgeous!!!
Thank you for being so generous and sharing this project. xxoo

Anonymous said...

I am SO going to try this! Thank you for taking the time to do the tutorial! My hubby does not want our headboard to have buttons so mine will have to be simple, BUT when it is finished I will post pictures!


nádya said...

Clever you, what a smart idea - I just loved it...if I've got a chance I do want to try something similar...thanks for sharing...Blessings, Nádya

Anna said...

Was totally bummed when I went to buy your duvet cover on etsy and it was no longer available :(