Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The end or a new beginning?

I wouldn't normally post this pubically but I guess part of me just needed to vent a little.
My Shoppe is a side business & I have a "real day job" and today I found out that friday will be my last day. I wasn't fired, but laid off. Business has been slow &; i've been completely aware of that and having a really close friend as your boss & the owner of the company is hard because their hearts are in your position with the company. Sacrifies had to be made & I am not at all upset. I hope that things pick up for them again in a few months & I can come back. In the meantime, I will be applying for unemployment. Never been on unemployment a day in my life. Worked since I was 16 years old, so i'm going to use this time I have now to work even harder at finding a "secure" job & on my craft business.
I know so many people have been affected by this horrible economy over the past few years. I am just hoping and praying it picks back up soon. I will continue to stay positive & hope that there was a reason for all of this as i've done in the past when with many other challenges & trageties i've faced. I mean...I lost my mom unexpectangly when I was only 20 & my dad a few years ago so if I could continue to stay positive through all of that, this is just a small dusting. Don't you think? ...ok, well that is at least what I will tell myself. To stay positive & to be happy. That's all we can do right?
XOXO, Renee'


Jess said...

Hi Renee - I am sorry :(

I understand where you are at...the same thing just happened to my husband...Friday is his last day...it can be pretty scary...I hope things get better. Maybe with all of this extra time, Ethel can teach you a new dish - lol.


Everything Shea ... Creates said...

Hi Renee,
Yes, I can sympathize.
But on the bright side you can work on what you want to do. Keep striving to realize your dreams and know that when one door closes another one opens! :)
All the best,

Royal Bebe Shoppe said...

Thanks sweeties :)
I was layed off 3 times in 1 week, lol. They didn't want to lose me but couldn't afford to keep me so it is temporary until we can build back up the funding so now i'm doing what I love from home & am so happy to have such wonderful support & great internet friends xoxo